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Sally Stevens

Nature-Based Business Pioneer

I have always been a nature-loving Spiritual Seeker, adventurer, risk-taker, and Guardian of Childhood. I love following the Wonder Path, both alongside children (through my role as a Forest School Educator) and adults, and I have a strong belief that a carefully-crafted question has the potential to completely transform our life.  In fact, I am a living example of this. In 2014 I found myself in a new stage of life. My son had reached an age where he didn't need his mum quite as much, and my husband had recently stepped onto a new career path. It was a good time for me to reflect and recalibrate. I began asking big questions and through this process I sat with this query: If I could really, truly do anything I wanted to do, what would it be?

It was remarkable to me at the time that I was even asking this question because I was 25 years into an educational career working primarily with Deaf children (and their parents) that I could never imagine leaving. My heart had been in this work for decades, but as I leaned into the question further, I realized that my spirit wanted more. I knew I would feel healthier and happier if I increased my access to nature and made time spent in the forest a priority in my life. Soon the opportunity to take a local outdoor herb class surfaced & I immediately signed up, knowing intuitively that it was the first trek along a new soul-centered path for me. Six months later while completing a final essay for that class I wrote that I “would be working with people in a nature-based way, within the next year”.

Well, one synchronicity led to another and I found myself training to become a Forest and Nature School Educator in Canada in 2016. I then founded two programs within two years, both of which are still very successfully operating. Next, I trained as an ANFT Forest Therapy Guide and began offering Shinrin Yoku walks. I have always been a Seeker & in recent years I have taken a deeper-dive into Earth-based spirituality, such as Druidry & Shamanism. In 2019 I was honored with a significant award for my work, unlike anything else I had ever received before in a career almost spanning three decades. This award, to me, was confirmation from Source that embodying courage, determination, & optimism whilst wandering along the Wonder Path of life will always deliver us to the exact place we are meant to be. That written affirmation I sent out to the Universe just a few years ago has, in fact, manifested amazingly into my day-to-day reality!

You can read more about my nature-centered work & the inspiration for it here: 

Community Champion: Sally Anderson, Founder… | Spirituality & Health

I would be honored to walk beside you on the Wonder Path, as a Shinrin Yoku Guide “opening the door, so that the Forest can provide the medicine” via a Forest Therapy walk, or in Spirit via a custom Tarot reading. 

Until then, may the forest be with you!

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