Sally Anderson

Nature-Based Business Pioneer

I have always been a nature-loving Spiritual Seeker, adventurer, risk-taker and Guardian of Childhood. I love following the Wonder Path, both alongside children (through my role as a Forest School Educator) and adults, and I have a strong belief that a carefully-crafted question has the potential to completely transform our life.  In fact, I am a living example of this. In 2014 I found myself in a new stage of life. My son had reached an age where he didn't need his mum quite as much, and my husband had recently stepped onto a new career path. It was a good time for me to reflect and recalibrate. I began asking big questions and through this process I sat with this question: If I could really, truly do anything I wanted to do, what would it be?

It was remarkable to me at the time that I was even asking this question because I was 25 years into an educational career working primarily with Deaf children (and their parents) that I could never imagine leaving. My heart had been in this work for decades but as I leaned into the question further, I realized that my spirit wanted more. I knew I would feel healthier and happier if I had more nature and outdoor time in my life. Soon the opportunity to take a local outdoor herb class surfaced, and six months later while writing a final essay for that class I wrote that I “would be working with people in a nature-based way, within the next year”.
Well, one synchronicity led to another and I found myself training to become a Forest and Nature School Educator in Canada in 2016. I then founded two programs within two years, both of which are still very successfully operating. Next, I trained as an ANFT Forest Therapy Guide and began offering Shinrin Yoku walks. Nature-based Educational Consulting came after that and then most recently, training to become a Shamanic Life Coach which provided a deeper look into my own mystical, Earth-based spiritual beliefs. In 2019 I was awarded a significant award for my work, unlike anything else I had ever received before in a career almost spanning three decades. Confirmation for listening to and following my own Wonder Path. I'd say that the affirmation I sent out to the Universe just five years ago has nicely manifested into reality.

So, you see, I believe in the power of questioning/questions and I have learned to be quite the “inquisitor” through my work as an Educator and Parent Coach. I constantly ask others questions, typically beginning with the phrase, “I wonder if….?”. I believe that asking questions leads us to wonder…it keeps us open and flexible and hopeful and open to change. I learned this personally through an intense season of life that involved a significant death, a marriage under major revision, the journey into menopause, and numerous other life experiences that stretched me, forcing me to meet my edges and define my goals and gifts. It was a real journey into the dark-forest-of-the-soul, but I found, with the nurturing help of the Standing Ones (trees) and the never-ending questions I was asking myself (and a few closest to me were also asking), I made it through the wilderness. This experience taught me that if we combine the, “Hmmm, I wonder…?” kind of “wonder” with the awe-inspiring “Wonder” we often feel when we are nestled up beside Nature somewhere, then magic can happen!

I have numerous degrees, certifications and licenses, as well as years of experience coaching adults in my educational career. I am working towards completion of a Shamanic Life Coach course offered through the unique, pioneering, truly Earth-Centered Wildcraft Forest School in British Columbia, Canada (please note that I am in no way training to become a Shaman or claiming to be a Shaman). This intuitive, nature-based, eco-focused coaching approach combines the best philosophies, practices, traditions and rituals used across the ages with indigenous peoples across the world, together with solid and holistic coaching principles and best practices. The result is unlike anything you have likely experienced before.

I would be honored to walk beside you on the Wonder Path, as a Shinrin Yoku Guide “opening the door, so that the Forest can provide the medicine” via a Forest Therapy walk, as a co-dreamer & co-collaborator for a special event, or as a Life Coach asking questions and offering intuitive guidance while guiding you through transformative Earth-based practices and rituals. I hope to learn about you soon.

Until then, may the forest be with you!

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